1 - Research Laboratory of Emerging Technologies

This laboratory has been launched for research on emerging technologies. It is equipped with advanced analysis instruments such as High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC), Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS), Fourier Transform Infrared spectrophotometer (FTIR), chemical oxygen demand meter, dissolved oxygen meter, and several spectrophotometers. Furthermore, a fuel cell and a slurry photoreactor have been designed and manufactured in this laboratory. So far, several research projects in the field of nano-catalysis and nano-composites, fuel cells and advanced technologies in the field of environment has been carried out successfully in this laboratory.

2 - Civil Engineering research lab

Engineering research laboratory equipped with:

- Ultrasonic testing machines

- Schmidt hammer

- Positioning reinforcement

- Half elephant

- Galva pals

- Universal testing (100 tons)

- Strain gauge and measured compressive strength and flexural concrete which is produced by the test facilities such as determining the tensile strength and compressive strength of cement setting time and setting of cement fineness determination of moisture content and water absorption of aggregates, determine the potential alkali reactivity, impact resistance, and to determine aggregate prolongation and ductility and also determine the compressive strength and tensile concrete to determine slump, water infiltration, and potentiometric determination of chloride titration method to determine the elastic modulus, tensile test bars, the rate of reinforcement corrosion, cracks review the structure, size and positioning reinforcement implemented, specific tests such as concrete, SCC and many Other related tests are provided.

3 - Laboratory of specialized mapping

The lab is equipped with electronic equipment such as total stations, digital theodolite, automatic levelling, mechanical inclinometer, positioning (GPS), handheld digital Planymtr, tripod and indicators.

4 - Research Laboratory for Textile Engineering Department

The lab is equipped with Fourier Transform Infrared spectrophotometer (FTIR) (IRAffinity-1, Shimadzu, Japan), Vacuum Microwave Plasma (Europlasma, Belgium), UV-Vis spectrophotometer (Jenway, Japan), Electrospinning Setup (FNM, Iran), Rotary Viscometer, Oven and Incubator (Memmert, Germany), High temperature dyeing machine, Light and rubbing fastness testers, pH meter, Magnetic Heater and Stirrer, Oil and Water baths, Autoclave, and other ordinary laboratory equipments. A variety of operations including surface modification of polymers and textiles (Activation, cleaning, polymerization, Etching) can be performed using the precise control of operational parameters of the plasma equipment. The qualitative and quantitative identification of organic compounds and functional groups of polymers is possible by FTIR analysis.

5 - Research Laboratory of Chemical Engineering

This lab is equipped with UV-Vis spectrophotometer, Flame photometer, TDS and conductivity meter , electric furnace, peristaltic pump, oven, colony counter, Digital Incubator and refrigerators, several microscopes, laminar flow hood, heater and stirrer,Kjeldahl analysis instrument, rotating disk photo reactor and many other equipments that enable the measurement of a wide range of experiments in chemistry and chemical engineering.

6 - Agricultural Engineering Research Lab

The laboratory is equipped with instruments such as leaf area measurement desktop, Advanced Radiometer, chlorophyll meter SPAD, leaf carbon dioxide exchange measurements (Prvmtr) measured photosynthesis LCi, sawn, measuring soil moisture (TDR ), measurement of leaf water potential, seeds of modern, flame photometer, electrophoresis, incubator refrigerated, centrifuged soil, oven-largest research, EC meter, pH meter, complete set of extracted essential oils, some oil and a lot of other equipment associated with the tendency of agricultural engineering.

7 - Specialized Laboratories of Food Industry

(NIR) ، colorimeter, bath, spectrophotometer, atomic emission, viscosimeters, electric mixer, fiber tester with automatic, Polari metric, circulation bath, shaker etc.

8 - Electrical and Electronics specialised labs

It is equipped with a set of equipment, such as digital oscilloscopes, signal generators, frequency counters, power supplies, multimeter desktop, generators, electrical machines, single-phase and three-phase transformers, inductance and capacitance ohm loads, the instrument can and pattern generator, logic gates and circuits are integrated.

9 - Specialised labs and workshops, machine tool

The complex is equipped with equipment such as lathes, CNC plate, radial drills, pillar drills, plate bending, milling, milling machine, Spark Machine Tool Sharpening, you kind of welding transformer, Rectifiers, versatile saws, guillotines, saws crank, wind pumps and casting furnace is

10 - Other teaching and research laboratories.

dyeing, chemical biology, medicinal plants, entomology and pest, physiology and genetics, botany, food processing, measurement systems, physics, electricity, electrical machines, linear control, water and sanitation, parasitology, microbiology, hydraulic and Pneumatic, metallurgy and heat-resistant materials, non-destructive testing, industrial unit operations, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, process control, microbiology, quality control and public workshops, metallurgy and heat treatment, surveying, carpentry and framing, pipe engineering, chemical dyeing, carpet repair, carpet weaving, weaving preparatory, weaving warp and weft, silk printing, welding, casting and turning their important role in the education of students and researchers.